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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How are they made?

    The shape of each cake is defined by a wall of sweets such as jelly babies, marshmallows , or other soft sweets mounted onto cocktail sweets and pushed into a polystyrene base.  It’s up to you to choose the colour of the base e.g. pink for a girl, blue for a boy, etc., or any other colour you wish.  Please see the drop down menu with each cake.  Behind the wall of sweets, the void is filled with a variety of other delicious confectionery. After the top is decorated, the whole sweet cake and base is securely shrink-wrapped with strong transparent film.

  • What are sweet cakes?

    Sweet cakes are a unique type of confectionery that combines various sweets and candies to create a delicious cake-like treat. They are made entirely of sweets, with no sponge or traditional cake base.

  • What types of sweets are used in sweet cakes?

    We used a wide range of sweets,approximately 120-150 varieties. The type of sweets we use are typically a jelly, fizzy, foamy and marshmallows (flumps) mix.

  • What sweets do we not use ?

    We do not use chocolate except at Easter and Christmas, but never in the summer and warm weather as they could melt,  Liquorice, as this taints the whole cake and also any hard boiled sweets as they can become very sticky. No sweets which contain nuts such as chocolate peanuts and brazils.

  • Are sweet cakes suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

    Sweet cakes are generally not suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or specific dietary needs. Please check the product descriptions or contact us for more information.

  • Are our sweet cakes suitable for vegetarians?

    Our cakes do contain Gelatine (Beef & Pork), so are not suitable for vegetarians. Sweets without gelatine tend to be too hard to form the outer wall of the cake as they have to be placed on sticks.

  • Can I customize the sweet cake according to my preferences?

    Absolutely! You can choose the specific types of sweets you want to be included, or not, in your cake, any colour schemes you may like, or discuss any specific requirements by contacting us.

  • How should I store the sweet cake?

    Sweet cakes should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is best to keep them in an airtight container or wrap them tightly with plastic wrap to maintain freshness once opened.

  • How long will the sweet cake stay fresh?

    Sweet cakes have a shelf life of approximately 6 months if stored properly and unopened.

  • How much notice do you need when I order ?

    We require 7 working days notice as all the cakes are made to order by hand and then they have to be delivered. Delivery usually takes 3 to 4 days from the time it leaves us. However at busy times such as Christmas delivery can take longer so as much notice as possible is appreciated.

  • Can I add a gift message to be sent with my order.

    Yes,this can be added in checkout.

  • Can I order a sweet cake for a special occasion or as a gift?

    Certainly! Our sweet cakes make fantastic gifts or centerpieces for special occasions. Anything from Birthdays through to Halloween we have a sweet cake for it! You can place an order for a specific date and include any personalized messages or special requests during the checkout process.



  • What is your return and refund policy?

    We strive for customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your sweet cake, please contact us within 48 hours of delivery, and we will do our best to resolve any issues or offer a suitable solution.

Payment & Billing

  • Can I cancel or modify my order?

    If you need to cancel or modify your order, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please note that if your order has already been prepared for shipping, cancellation or modification may not be possible.

  • How can I contact you ?

    You can reach us by emailing or by calling us on 01451 820312. We are available during business hours, Monday-Thursday 8am-3pm to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.