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Forget dried fruit. Meet the Christmas Cake Alternatives you need this year.

For most families, Christmas is all about tradition. You gather the family and cram around a too-small table whilst sitting on makeshift chairs to enjoy a feast that would usually feed you all for a week. After a spread of pigs in blankets and roasted goodies, you retire to let the food slowly digest whilst you watch James Bond on the TV or play family games; this is when the sweet treats are brought out. But this year, will the centrepiece of your sweet treats be traditional or a Christmas cake alternative?

Red and Green Christmas Painballs and Rainbow Berries Sweet Cake 111

The Traditional Christmas Cake

The Christmas cake, whilst traditional, is something that, for many, will not be enjoyable, with over 16% of people surveyed saying that they dislike it. 

If you are looking to make your own cake, tradition says that you have to make it around 12 weeks in advance, then keep ‘feeding’ it by pouring over a spirit like whisky in the build-up to Christmas; alternatively, you can buy a cake with the rest of your Christmas shopping, but somehow that just seems less special?

Time to Try a Sweet Cake

If you are looking for an alternative to a Christmas cake, whether because you don’t like the taste or just the idea of getting crumbs and dried fruit out of the sofa is giving you nightmares, our range of festive sweet cakes makes a great alternative and features a huge range of sweets to suit anyone’s sweet tooth and will have the family talking well into the new year and up to Easter.

Each cake is handmade to order, and our festive designs are perfect for the whole family, from our Snowman Sweet Cake piled high with marshmallows and rainbow belts to our ruby red Christmas Stocking Sweet Cake with classic jelly sweets and candy canes.

Christmas Stocking Sweet Cake

A festive Centre Piece

Our festive sweet cakes make an excellent centrepiece whether you are throwing a big Christmas party, having the family over, or snuggling and watching your favourite Christmas films in front of the fire.

Why Not Both?

Christmas is the time when you can graze all day on goodies and drinks without any feeling of guilt or consequence. So why not go the whole turkey and get a traditional Christmas Cake and a modern sweet cake? 

This way, not only will you be able to keep the older traditionalists happy, but you will be able to have something for everyone, no matter their age or tastes. Our Small Round Christmas Cake is perfect to match up with its traditional dried fruit cousin.

You can check out our Christmas Sweet Cakes to see our range that suits any family size or our range of sweet cakes that are perfect for any event, from our seasonal sweet cakes to birthdays and even corporate sweet cakes. If you have any particular flavour, colour or special requests, we can create your perfect sweet cake and have it wrapped and delivered to your door in time for the big day.