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100% sweets we all know and love
All unique, and made to order by hand
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Our sweet cakes are hand made by us here in the Cotswolds and consist of the sweets we all know from our childhoods.

They are of growing popularity and are sold, for example, through retailers and garden centres.

The shape of the cakes is defined by a wall of soft sweets such as jelly babies or jelly crocodiles or marshmallows and cocktail sticks fixed into a colourful base .

We wholesale the standard large and small cakes – with approx. 15 different walls. The large weigh 1 kg and the small 500g. The cake’s name is that of the sweet in the wall such as jelly babies cake. And there are specials made with Christmas, Easter, Halloween or Valentines in mind. They generally weigh 1 kilo. Weights are approximate

The void behind the wall is filled with a wide variety of other delicious sweets and the tops are then appropriately decorated. No two tops are the same; each cake is unique. The cake and base are then secularly wrapped with a strong, see-through film.

If you would like to stock them please contact us via our contacts page and we can send more details

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